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Alley is a supportive and collaborative community for companies spanning across every industry who create & innovate. Our goal is to foster a nurturing environment, so you can produce your best work. Our event series compliment and exemplify our diverse culture. Whether it's hosting music roundtables, on the future of the music community, or hosting a panel with the top venture capitalists, providing insight into what they look for, our events are for everyone. We bring together all different communities, different genders, races, and interests, to form one community, ALLEY. 


HER features women in a wide range of industries: fashion, comedy, tech, product and more. The HER community celebrates the millions (in fact, billions) of identities that exist with “HER” and exemplifies how women are beyond socially constructed stereotypes. HER story is the focus of the evening. Learn More



The Brand Showcase precedes a conversation series. With the overall goal of highlighting three brands per showcase, this brings attention to today’s rising designers in street wear, sustainable and ethical design, and fashion. Learn More



Happy Hour Showcase is a weekly showcase that brings together great minds and features awesome companies. All featured companies are on the rise and making a name for themselves. Happy Hour Showcase is a great place to share your great ideas with like minded people and refreshing drinks. Learn More



VC Insider is your chance to sit down with the top NYC Venture Capital Firms. We provide an intimate environment entrepreneurs and founders can get an inside look into what venture capitalists look for in their portfolio companies. Learn More



Our Conversation Series actively celebrates individuals who are redefining what it means to be an artist and an entrepreneur. This panel allows for a more intimate and in-depth discussion about the success and processes with your favorite speakers. Learn More



Pitch Night is a special opportunity. We bring some of the top thought leaders in American startups together to evaluate the ideas of entrepreneurs who are pitching their businesses. We put between eight to ten entrepreneurs through the gauntlet each night, challenging them, supporting them and fostering their growth. Learn More