Office Hours are a way for professionals seeking advice across all facets of business to connect with other professionals who might be able to share their personal experience and knowledge.

We have found that both hosts and attendees benefit tremendously from these short meetings.

Attendees get advice and practical insight from the host, while the host gets the benefit of driving traffic to his or her existing classes, product or services, and the bragging rights of being a good person.

How does it work & how do I attend?

If you want to attend Office Hours at AlleyNYC, click the “Attend Office Hours” button we have graciously placed below, pick an Office Hours host, choose your date and time, and you’re set! All you have left to do is put it in your calendar and prepare your list of questions.

When are Office Hours?

We typically host office hours twice a week, Thursday afternoons 2:00-5:00 PM and Friday mornings 9:00-12:00 PM.

How much do Office Hours cost?

We do not charge either party, neither host nor attendee, for office hours. We like to think of office hours as more of a community service, not a paid service, where established entrepreneurs and professionals can pay it forward to those looking for real-world advice.

How can I host?

To become a host, click the “Become A Host” button below and fill out the form. We need two weeks notice prior to your desired dates. Keep in mind we get a lot of requests and can’t accept everyone. We will be in contact with you as soon as humanly possible!

What’s in it for the host?

In return for hosting, hosts get to directly or indirectly promote their brand, product or service. Hosts also get free coffee, get to meet some kickass dudes and dudettes, and get bragging rights for just be a great human being. Let’s pay it forward everyone!