Dear StartED,

Huge congratulations to you and all your team members for being a part of the first generation of the NYU EdTech Accelerator and Incubator powered by StartED. We are super excited to be involved with each and every one of you as you build new technology that's going to help the world. Alley is extremely excited to be partnering with NYU and StartED, to provide you a powerful community to tap into throughout the years to come.

At Alley, we connect you to amazing people and celebrate your growth along with supporting you throughout your trials and tribulations as you make your way through this entrepreneurial journey. Oh yeah! BTW, we love to celebrate (party) too! So, while you refer to this page for the benefits of being an Alley StartED member, never hesitate to reach out if you think we could help you with something else.


Your family at Alley