Bringing Convenience into the 21st Century

Imagine a world where you look down, and you are holding that ice cold beer you were just thinking about… at the exact moment the thirst hit. Is this some kind of sorcery, even wizardry you ask!? Relax, this isn’t a movie…it’s the future of convenience!

Here’s a quiz. Try to solve one, two, or all of the following pain points that beer consumers endure:

Running out of beer unexpectedly

Lugging beer home from the store

Beer store is closed/far away

Not knowing which beer to bring to a party

Beer of choice not in stock/carried in store

Hard to try new beers or know if you will like them

Warm beer

Which beer to pair with which food

Waiting (for what seems like hours) for your beer at that new bar

These are just some of the problems we know are going on for our customers, but don’t be limited by the above. Our goal is to work to solve any/all consumer pain points you can possibly think of—ones that maybe don’t even exist yet!


Here are some general starter solutions to get the creative juices flowing:

Prediction & Recommendation Systems—which will be based on time, place, setting, physical activity etc.

Smart fridges

Smart bars

Beer vending machines

Tracking your craft beer consumption and preferences (to avoid future decision making dilemmas)

Last mile delivery (by any means possible - cars, bikes, drones (hey, it could happen)

Virtual beer inventory


In order to qualify for a prize & further opportunities with AB InBev, each team must:

Use at least one API

Produce an MVP

Be original