6:30 -9:00PM

A Conversation with: Coltrane Curtis.

We're excited and honored to have Coltrane Curtis, of Team Epiphany, here for an intimate conversation.  

Moderated by: Aimara Rodriguez (of AlleyNYC) and De'Von Johnson (of Bleu Magazine)

Hosted by: Chris Sanford (of Bleu Magazine)



Coltrane Curtis is a partner at Team Epiphany, a brand solutions agency with a focus on marketing/public relations and social media.Team Epiphany forges relationships that engender trust. The right consumers are elusive - they speak their language(s). The right messages are nuanced - they engineer compelling stories. 

The charismatic persona that Coltrane Curtis is (with his impeccably groomed dreadlocks) rarely goes unnoticed. Beginning with his role as an MTV television personality, Coltrane has grown into quite a business savvy gentleman within the realm of marketing and the creative sphere. One of the leaders of the marketing empire, Team Epiphany, Coltrane works closely with a variety of brands introducing intelligently crafted ideas that transcend the traditional parameters of contemporary culture.

During this conversation and Q&A, we'll talk about: 

  • What defines and drives Coltrane's vision and process for Team Epiphany
  • Coltrane's key components for entrepreneurship, life, and building and maintaining a successful and innovative business
  • How Coltrane has managed to cultivate his own path within multiple industries