On Thursday, November 12thwe will listen to stories leading design at some of the most highly respected brands and innovative startups in New York. Each HER speaker are asked to share their story - everything from their 10 year old selves to key milestones that lead them to where they are today. We’ll also get a chance to hear about their design process and how it’s driving innovation for their companies. Throughout the night, we’ll get a sense to also hear about the projects they are currently working on and where they see themselves going. Tonight is all about celebrating women in New York who are changing how we use products. We are fortunate to be able to host this at a beautiful Soho loft space. We’re looking forward to seeing you there.




Dagny Prieto: Dagny currently leads in innovation and product design at one of the biggest media companies in the world, TIME Magazine. She invents, tests and designs products for mobile and web. She specializes in UI, UX, transactional consumer and B2B applications for web and mobile. Prior to joining as the VP of UX + Innovation at Time, She was also a consultant that provided design, user experience and strategy to Web-based consumer and B2B companies seeking better conversion, tighter strategy and cleaner, user-centric design.



Melissa Perri: Melissa is a product development and process consultant. She currently teaches enterprises about how to be more innovative, and also teaches startups about launching products that people love. Melissa specializes in Product Management, Product Strategy, and UX Research/Design. Working in the Lean Startup methodology, Melissa has become an expert and speaks on Lean Product Management and Lean UX around the world. Melissa frequently runs private and public workshops on UX Design, MVPs, and Lean Product Management. Melissa is also the Agile 2015 UX track co-chair.



Erin LeForce: Erin is a native Oklahoman, an illustrator by studies and digital designer by happy chance. She has lived and worked in NYC for four years. Currently, she is a product designer at ustwo where she collaborates with a team of talented designers to create innovative products that ignite the digital landscape. Prior to ustwo, Erin worked as a senior designer at Huge where she led the vision for a wide range of digital projects, from healthcare, to e-commerce & marketing strategies. When she is not designing for the Internet she can be found exploring the city and eating her way through the city's most blogged about eateries.