Candice S. Cook..... Managing Member of Ca-Co Global Inc. & The Cook Law Group

Jane Barratt..... Founder & CEO of Goldbean

Michelle Mitchum..... Founder The OrangeMoon



Candice S. Cook

Candice Cook graduated from Vanderbilt Law School and spent time taking classes at University of Oxford in England. Since then, she’s won multiple awards and recognition for her work in the law field. Not to mention, she’s an avid traveler. Candice carved a new path in the law field. Something you need consistent fervor and determination to do. Not to mention a clear vision. Her passion and plan to bring new, innovative practices to the field of law is ambitious. So I understand why she is the right person for what is more like a mission than a job.


Michelle Mitchum

Michelle Mitchum MPH, HHP is a native New Yorker, a graduate of Morgan State University, (Baltimore, MD) and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, (New York NY). She is an educator, having taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics in both New York, and Baltimore City, and has also built a career in health education, marketing and advertising. However, it was her position as the Director of Cancer Patient Educational Programs that allowed her to take a more compassionate and purpose driven approach to shaping her career. Michelle has a successful history in the healing sciences. She has been featured on Fox Business News, Essence Magazine and is a contributing writer to Heart and Soul Magazine as well as other notable publications. In keeping with her mission to continue to grow her career and life with purpose, in 2013 Michelle founded The OrangeMoon Holistic Health and Wellness, to empower people to make intelligent and informed decisions about their health and to introduce and educate clients on holistic lifestyle alternatives.


Jane Barratt

Jane is the founder & CEO of GoldBean - an ‘investing for beginners’ platform that gets people started with their first portfolio, based on their consumption data. It’s a modern, data-driven take on the Peter Lynch motto ‘invest in what you know’. The GoldBean mission is to empower their clients to be confident, self directed investors, not just 'consumers'. Prior to making the leap to the world of personal finance, Jane spent 20 years in digital marketing and advertising, working with blue chip brands and some of the most prestigious agencies in the world. Her roles included C-Suite roles leading practices and agencies at Dentsu mcgarrybowen, Young & Rubicam, Sapient and Havas. During this time, Jane used what she saw in her work and travels to build her own portfolio, and became a champion for financial literacy and personal investing. Jane is also an author on - delivering personal finance and investment courses to thousands of viewers. An avid traveler and wine lover, charting the new normal of a balanced life with her husband and three children in New York City. GoldBean is an SEC registered investment advisor that provides advice, education and access to low-cost trades, all on