Creative Coworking Space for Your Innovation Department

Inspiring imagination and inventiveness.



Stimulating Atmosphere

Nothing inspires an artist more than their environment. The community at Alley is full of hard-working and inventive entrepreneurs who radiate an air of encouragement. Taking full advantage of networking opportunities such as our membership directory will help your team foster motivational relationships. Uniquely designed spaces such as our lounges allow for relaxation, as well as interaction.

Brainstorming Space

The best ideas are often produced when a team is able to get all of their thoughts out on the table. Our conference rooms are the perfect place to come together and inspire each other. Access to white boards, projectors, and A/V will keep the creative juices flowing throughout your entire brainstorming session.

Event Space  

Innovation requires the ability to test, and re-test ideas. Our welcoming event spaces allow teams to plan their own special occasions, without worrying about logistics. Providing furniture, kitchen access, projectors, A/V, Wi-Fi, event staff, and even security, all your team needs to bring are their ideas and guests.

Feel Right at Home

Creativity flourishes when the brain has time to relax and wander. Walking into Alley, members find comfortable lounges, along with infinite hospitality. From unlimited coffee, tea, & cereal, to weekly catered lunches, a nursing room, and even a barbershop – there is no excuse to not feel at peace in our refreshing coworking space.