We will spend the evening with
Miko Branch.

Armed with curly hair product development from their salon/workshop, Miko & Titi were able to perfect their curly hair product's performance. Known for its expertise in styling curly, kinky, and wavy hair of all types and textures, Miss Jessie's Salon became the go to place for curly hair solutions.



Miko Branch along with her sister Titi Branch successfully launched Miss Jessie’s hair care products – famously known as a pioneering brand in the world of natural hair. Now, Branch has opened up in her book titled “Miss Jessie’s - Creating A Successful Business From Scratch, Naturally” about how she and her sister did it. Branch’s goal is for this book to serve as a blueprint for entrepreneurs to “make waves in any industry.” She opens the book with the idea that “you don’t need money to transform an industry. You don’t even need privileges or contacts.”