On Wednesday, October 14th, join us for a new edition of our HER series. This particular edition will be taking place during Hispanic Heritage month (September 15th - October 15th) so we will be calling it "MUJER" and celebrating the identities of Hispanic women in today's world and how they've broken barriers. Some of the most creative and fearless hispanic women in in New York will dig through the archives of their lives growing up and share their experiences. Tonight is all about celebrating and embracing the power of being a hispanic woman. 




Carolina Alvo: Carolina Alvo was inspired by a very personal frustration of its founder, who -at 4'9"- is a true petite. Carolina's shopping experiences always left her feeling defeated, as if her size was an industry afterthought; clothing options were limited, Carolina decided that if no one was making the clothes that she needed, she was going to take matters into her own hands and make them herself!



Elisa Padilla: As Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer for the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center, Elisa Padilla oversees all of the marketing efforts for the team and arena, including branding, advertising, merchandising, database research, creative, websites, and social media. 



Lisa Morales-Hellebo: Lisa Morales-Hellebo is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned product strategist, and creative director with a career that spans 20 years helping companies; from start-ups to F500s maximize conversions via multi-channel, e-commerce product strategy, development, and brand extension.