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Describing Karen Civil in three words would go something like: relentless, open and forward-thinking. Starting out with humble roots Civil quickly rose to the top by hustling and networking. In 2008, after she lead the hip-hop record label Dipset’s online takeover,Civil decided to venture out for self creating KarenCivil.com.

Today, Civil’s sphere of influence is continuing  to spread. She is the co-creator of Lil Wayne’s now famous blog www.weezythankxyou.com,  the online journal for Weezy and his fans during his eight-month stint at Rikers Island. Flex also reached out for Karen’s services again when he looked to launch his now popular www.inflexwetrust.com.MTV named her one of 2010’s Hip Hop MVPs. XXL, The Source, and Vogue Magazine has even featured her in their pages.


Her philosophy in life is established by her acronym of N.E.S.H.A. – No One Ever Slows Her Agenda – which was also the inspiration for her first venture, HerAgenda.com. She's won awards both as a journalist and an entrepreneur 
from the New York Association of Black Journalists, The  Associated Press, Youth Venture, & The Kauffman  Foundation. HP and Clutch Magazine named her one of the top African American Women to follow and dubbed her a 'Tech Tastemaker.' She also won an EMMY award for her work as a field producer with WNBC.