6:30 - 8:30PM

440 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10003


We will spend the evening with
three creatives who have figured out how to make a living from their passion.

From designing and creating a street-wear brand, to handling
illustration and design for big brands to interior designing for startups, these women make their creativity work for them on a daily basis.



Building a career isn't easy no matter what industry you're breaking into but making  a living within creative industries is often a feat many dream as a fairytale. 
In a world where ideas matter more than your degree it's hard to where to start, or how to effectively monetize (or fund) your creative dreams. Everyone has a different path, but it can't hurt to learn from the journeys of others and use their lessons to inspire your own path.






Leah McSweeney……Founder/CEO Married to the Mob
Sophia Chang….. Designer/Illustrator
Danielle Arps…. Interior designer

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Leah McSweeney established Married To The Mob in 2004 as one of the first streetwear brands designed by women for women. After using a $75,000 settlement she won from New York Police Department,

McSweeney built her brand around the values of embodying the female perspective of what it’s like to run with the downtown New York scene.

Moving forward to continually disrupt its men’s dominated marketplace, MTTM constantly emerges year after year with highly regarded original collections.

Twitter: @MostOfficialMob

IG: @MarriedToTheMobNY



Sophia Chang hails from the borough of Queens, New York.

An avid and energized spirit, active in the art & design community. She works in all mediums of creative matter, from printmaking, apparel, websites, graphic design, illustration, consulting, curation and more.

On her spare time she enjoys frolicking through the park with her dog and giving him unconditional love.

Twitter: @Esymai
IG: @Esymai


Launching her own eponymous interior-design company in May 2014, Danielle Arps has made a name for herself as the go-to interior designer for New York-based start-ups.  Prior to which the talented painter co-founded an art business, Femme and Fellow with the incredible, up and coming, artist Billy Ruiz.  She has displayed her uniquely eclectic, yet slightly industrial expertise in the design of high profile start up spaces like Codecademy, Kitchensurfing, Taykey,Memoir, Estimote, Contently, plus digital mainstays like Gilt, to name a mere few.  Inspired by her clients and her love of furniture design, Arps has also designed the 'dani lounge' her own line of sound-buffering lounge chairs which resolve a common privacy issue that 'open plan' startup offices face, a kickstarter campaign is in the works.

Twitter: @DaniArps

IG: @DaniArps



Moderator: Rhonesha Byng, founder

Her philosophy in life is established by her acronym of N.E.S.H.A. (No One Ever Slows Her Agenda) which was also the inspiration for her first venture,

She's won awards both as a journalist and an entrepreneur from the New YorkAssociation of Black Journalists, The Associated Press, Youth Venture, & The Kauffman Foundation. HP and Clutch Magazine named her one of the top African American Women to follow and dubbed her a 'Tech Tastemaker.'

Most recently, she won an EMMY award for her work as a field producer with WNBC

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Assata Rhodes, founder of AssataBAKES uses baking as a means of self-expression. Throughout the year she bakes cookies and various seasonal pies. During the winter holiday season, she bakes peach cobblers and, her signature dessert, sweet potato pie bites, using a recipe that her New Orleans bred grandmother passed on to her. For more info or to place an order, contact Assata directly at