Are you passionate about what you do and want to grow your community? Do you want a place you and your network can call home? In exchange for a small amount of time dedicated to helping Alley's community, selected applicants of Alley's Ambassador's program will receive a membership grant. This grant will help support the growth of your business and your community. Together we are building amazing communities alongside one another within Alley's four walls and globally.


  • Who We Are

    Alley, is a supportive work community, built by real people just like you. Alley’s team not only works day in and day out to make sure our community and our members have the support they need but we are all entrepreneurs ourselves. From Community Managers, Accountants, General Managers, and Marketers by day, to spinning vinyls, writing books, performing music by night, it’s safe to say we get it.

  • Community

    Growing community and making sure that entrepreneurs and creators have the resources and connections they need to grow their business is our top priority. Joining Alley's Community will mean you have another team member on your bench rooting you on! Fist Bump!

  • What's Included

    Upon being accepted into this program, ambassadors will receive membership grants for themselves and their community, events space, access to Alley's global community, global mentorship, hiring & marketing workshops, and a new home.

  • Requirements

    This is your chance to grow your network alongside Alley’s Community IN Alley’s Community.
    • Passion for community and networking
    • Ability to dedicate time to assist Alley Team
    • A network you would like to grow alongside Alley’s Community